Brass Nuts

Brass Nuts are used to fasten different parts together or for different locking applications. Our company is a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of Brass Nuts in all over india. We offer different types of Brass Nuts such as cap nuts, brass rivet nuts, brass hex flange nuts, steel t nuts, steel hex nuts, slotted nuts, steel welded nuts, wing nuts, nylon insert lock nuts, steel spring nuts, coupling nuts, hex jam nuts and steel square nuts.

Threads :

  • Isometric (mm threads)
  • BA threads
  • BSW threads
  • UNC and UNF threads
  • As per customers requirements

Material :

  • 319 brass free cutting
  • High grade free cutting
  • As per customers compositions

Protective Coating : Natural, nickel plated, tin plated or any coating as per customer specification